About Us

FOLKDAYS - hand–made fairtrade accessories from original source


FOLKDAYS is a fair fashion label from Berlin. It is made for those who appreciate new ways of consumption, travel and living. Our passion is finding original sources of high quality materials and handcrafts with an authentic story behind them. In our design choices we aim to keep the traditional style of craft and combine it with modern simplicity. 

During the last years FOLKDAYS has travelled to more than 25 developing countries searching out artisans that have a long tradition in their crafts, and are experts in the things they make for us. Once we find our craftspeople, we work to build equal and lasting partnerships, buying directly from them at a fair price. It’s our aim to help people keep the traditions of their work alive in a way that enables them to support themselves through increased and stable income. It’s moving the emphasis from charity to sustainable business that often starts with one artisan, but can be taught and eventually enable a whole community to thrive.

On folkdays.com you will not only find the best selection in handmade, fairtrade accessories, but also a space to introduce people, places and ideas that all contribute to our ultimate goal: a life that is inspired by style as well as sustainability.


Lisa Jaspers and a circle of friends turned the idea of Folkdays into a business in August 2013. Her previous work as a development aid consultant had taken her to some of the worlds most interesting and remote places. During this time she was exposed to a wealth of different cultures, stories and talented people whose skills deserved to be shared