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Music Maxi Cat

We found Maxi Cat spinning as part of a Placido Domingo line-up in a park in Santiago, Chile on a Sunday afternoon, and immediately knew we needed his perfect sunny blend of bass, tropical guitars and groove to carry us into spring. He started out playing in punk clubs and house parties, learning his technique from the masters of present-day electronica in Santiago - the Club Sauna crew - and is now part of the thriving underground DIY party scene there. 


"With the style I use, I can't get straight into electronic clubs, neither in "funk chileno" clubs which are heavily out of style. I like being weird and making people groove and laugh. I ain't into that serious dj posse that makes you feel a lot of deep stuff, or just passes by like he's a good radio station. I'm into fun."


So jump into fun, put on some shades and get into the groove with us and Maxi Cat in the mix!