Royce’s Deep Bath

Music ISA GT

I first met the Colombian whirlwind that is ISA GT when I became part of the London-based all girl creative collective GIRLCORE; you might have been to one of our parties back then. If you ever left Shoreditch (or even at times New York, Athens, Paris or Moscow) covered in glitter, you probably got GIRLCORE’d. ISA GT is an artist, and a music and video director, as well as being one of my favourite djs. Spinning her special blend of Tropical bass and other latin-inspired dance music, she’s everything a female dj should be: as skilled as her male counterparts, even better perhaps because you can see she’s as much a part of the party as the music she plays.

As a long-time visitor and new resident of Berlin, there are a ton of ways to hear her play both online and around the city. Tune into her monthly show on Berlin Community Radio, head over to soundcloud for more mixes and check out her label Etoro Records. But best of all, get out this summer and see her release her party spirit on Berlin - dates here. Seriously - this girl has got it going on!

But before you head out into the internet or run out to a club, turn up your speakers, and enjoy our very special FOLKDAYS ISA GT mix. It’s a guaranteed hit!

Photo by Stephanie Brewster