All the Bread
Levain Berlin

Music Royce’s Deep Bath

If you haven’t heard of Royce Wood Jr or his debut album The Ashen Tang, you should probably keep that information to yourself, run home like the clappers and listen to it now - you’re going to want to be at the front of the line to shout about how much you were into him "at the beginning" when everyone else eventually catches up.

This guy’s good. Like, really good. The RWJ sound is full, deep and soulful at its core, but it’s also sharp and elevated by well crafted electronics. It’s kinda like if Prince and Jamie Lidell were hanging out in the kitchen at a house party and they were listening to Autechre whilst drinking chocolate milk under a full moon…if that’s something you can imagine. His Folkdays playlist “Royce’s Deep Bath” perfectly reflects this smashing together of hard and smooth - that special place that only some people can find and bring to life - somewhere between a battle and a dance between opposing musical elements. That’s it. Go listen to it already.