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Levain Berlin

Levain Berlin is about bringing back the art of bread. The levain is one of the most important parts of bread since it’s the leaven that gives bread its rise and it’s the beginning of the flavour. Levin baker Kathe's passion is to make the bread as local as possible, from the local bacteria that enters into the levain, to sourcing flour from local millers in Germany, and spreading the bread love in Berlin as much as I can. Her mission is to show people that there is a beautiful art that lies in bread. Even though it seems so simple, she wants to defend its complexities and nuances, to show what really makes it so special.

Kathe's baking music is constantly changing: "When I'm not listening to podcasts while working on bread, I needs to be listening to music and it’s gotta be on point with my mood. The same way the bread is affected by the weather, temperature, how I’m feeling, I always need the right music to listen to for when I’m working on bread." This mix is a small compilation of a few different moods, a few things she's listening to now, and a few staple songs she has in every baking playlist.

Baking tip: When working with a wild yeast (the levain) know that regardless of a recipe that lays in front of you, the bread will always change from day to day. Bread truly becomes a part of you. The best bread that you will bake is when you’ve taken the time to understand dough, make bread that fits your schedule, and in the end fulfills you from the time you feed the starter to when you pull your loaves out of the oven. There are tons of recipes out there, so many ways to make bread, and the best is to start small and to be prepared for some crazy failures and then surprising loaves. You’ll see how much after working with a dough that you can fall in love with something that is simply flour, salt, water, and yeast.