Those of you who have been following us for a while may know that we work with a growing collection rather than changing seasons. Our aim is to offer designs that you will always like and that will stay with you for ages, because for us that is also an important part of sustainability. Nevertheless, it still sometimes happens that we remove products from our range. This can have various reasons, many of which reflect our early days, when we had to learn to assess what quantities were right for us (a learning and experience process most label founders could tell their own story about) and what exactly meets your needs. That's why we have leftover stock of some products that we have already decided not to reorder as they fill up our already small storage. Letting them gather dust there instead of finding new owners is definitely not something we think is sustainable in the long run. 

This is why we decided to hold a spring sale: to give some products we have to let go of another chance to shine and find a new home.
Stock is limited to just a few pieces or sizes.