FOLKDAYS presents SEVAR Studios by Hila & Wana Limar

We are proud to present the handmade jewellery designs of sisters Hila and Wana Limar. After launching their jewellery label SEVAR Studios with a mini-collection in December 2020, Hila and Wana Limar introduce their second collection one year later. The pairs of earrings in beautifully delicate designs are thus joined by other unique pieces of jewellery, once again handcrafted by a goldsmith in his workshop in Kabul, Afghanistan. The second SEVAR Studios collection consists of eight pieces of jewellery that, through their names and design, pay special tribute to Afghanistan’s eventful history and its influential personalities.


About their second collection, Hila and Wana write: "Afghanistan's history is marked by major political upheavals and dreadful events that have left the country in a state of permanent turmoil for more than 40 years and have also caused trauma among the population. But in 2021, the already war-traumatised people suffered another, possibly one of the most severe setbacks in their history: On the 15th of August, the capital Kabul falls unopposed and the Taliban, after ruling from 1996 to 2001, once again take power in defiance of the majority population. At that time, the radical Islamists exercised an authoritarian, brutal and inhuman regime, which violently restricted the civil rights of citizens, especially of women and girls. In addition to freedom of the press, freedom of opinion and freedom of religion, almost all forms of culture and entertainment such as music, dance and television were banned; women were no longer permitted to work and girls no longer allowed to go to school. With the return of the Taliban, not only the access to education and the labour market is once again threatened for women in particular, and human rights activists and journalists face violent to deadly persecution - at the same time, and much more acutely, the country is in a humanitarian crisis due to the halting of international funding: this year, one in three people is threatened with starvation. Next year, 97 percent of the 40 million Afghans are expected to slip below the poverty line.

In this uncertain and momentous year of 2021, our second SEVAR Studios collection is being born. For the love of Afghanistan. The country we were born in. The place from which our first childhood memories spring. The scenes we imagined from our parents' stories. The ground on which we took our first steps. The culture we call home. Out of responsibility. To all those who lived and struggled before us, paving our path today - and out of responsibility to all those who are still struggling today. To the people, to the brave people who, despite the danger to their lives, have taken part in protests against the Taliban government in recent months. Out of love and responsibility towards a millennia-old history of cultural wealth, in which traditional Afghan craftsmanship plays a significant role. Afghanistan is a country full of artists, poets and legendary personalities who have shaped it in the past through their words and deeds. We therefore dedicate the new collection entirely to Afghanistan, its moving history and above all its innocent, patient and strong people. Thus, each piece of jewellery carries the name of a significant personality for Afghanistan, a meaningful date or a concept that is important to us."


Explore the SEVAR Studios collections below.