Waiting List Products

We believe in a mindful and conscious approach to fashion & design, therefore combining sustainability with elevated style. Since its inception, FOLKDAYS has been built around the concepts of fair production from natural, high-quality sources and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship in developing countries. Therefore, we collaborate with artisans and small workshops who have preserved and passed down their traditions as well as unique production techniques from generation to generation.  

All our products are made by the artisans and small workshops we work with. We usually have only limited quantities in stock. Should a piece be sold out, there is now a waiting list and the associated pre-order system. This gives you the chance to get your favourite product directly with the next reorder. All you have to do is sign up for the waiting list. You will then be notified as soon as we are planning a re-order, and get the chance to be the first pre-order your piece with a story. 


The pre-order initiative is a system that involves you, our customers and community, even more. And: We believe this to be an important step towards consequent sustainability. Learn more about the initiative here.