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Zoom Starting a Revolution <br/> The Book (German version)
Zoom Starting a Revolution <br/> The Book (German version)

Starting a Revolution
The Book (German version)

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"Starting a Revolution. Was wir von Unternehmerinnen über die Zukunft der Arbeitswelt lernen können" by Naomi Ryland and Lisa Jaspers

Only six months after the successful self-publication in English, the business book written by the two Berlin-based founders Naomi Ryland (tbd*) and Lisa Jaspers (FOLKDAYS) was published in German translation by Econ (Ullstein Buchverlage) on August 31, 2020.

"Starting a Revolution" marks the end of the business world as we know it. FOLKDAYS founder Lisa Jaspers and Naomi Ryland, Managing Director and co-founder of tbd*, the international career platform for social and sustainable jobs, make a clear demand: "It's not the women we need to fix, it’s the system!" #fixthesystemnothewomen 

They have spoken with some of the most progressive women founders in the world, including Dame Stephanie (Steve) Shirley, Vivienne Ming, Catherine Mahugu, Joana Breidenbach, Ida Tin, Jennifer Brandel, and Anna Yona. In eight chapters the authors show what they have learned from interviewing some of the most progressive female founders in the world and how that radically changed how they run their own businesses. Covering topics such as organisational development, leadership, recruitment, personal development, team building, innovation, and fundraising, this is a hands-on business book for everybody who wants to rethink the world of work. 

"STARTING A REVOLUTION" is a must-read for all those who want to do work differently: more just, more ethical, more sustainable, and above all, more fun." Kübra Gümüşay

208 pages. Translated from English by Violeta Topalova.

Click here for the English edition.

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