Textile Residencies

This year Folkdays and be able e.V. a nonprofit organization for inclusive design education are tutoring the IKAT/eCUT textile residency programm of Goethe Institut Indonesia. In terms of traditional handcraft, fair production and contemporary design six designers from Germany were brought together with producers of traditional textiles in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Framed by two workshops in Jakarta the designers spend a three weeks highly intense and sweaty work phase at the artisans ateliers and actual home spots in South East Asia. Despite from the inspiring and adventurous time they spend together, each design collaboration leads to unique, beautiful products which stand out for their contemporary design, high-quality artisanship and traditional production. This is how it went down.

The products will be available in spring 2018. 
Thanks to everyone, we had a blast!

Pictures by Frauke Meier, Stefanie Rittler, Tanja Glissmann, Teuber Kohlhoff, Goethe Institut Indonesien/ Ramos Pane
Text Katharina Withelm