FOLKDAYS - Handmade Fair trade Fashion and Accessories from Original Source

FOLKDAYS is a contemporary fair trade brand with its base in Berlin and products from all over the world.




We reinvent the idea of sustainable fashion and design by offering hand-made craft products from around the world that combine high quality with a strong contemporary design. Far from the fast fashion hype, we create products that are likewise timeless and unique. In short: all-time favourites.

Therefore we collaborate with carefully selected artisans from the Global South who have preserved and passed down their traditions as well as unique production techniques from generation to generation.

Grounded in this appreciation, we cultivate a personal relationship to each of our 40 partners in 20 countries and see them as equal and lasting partners. We buy the products at a fair price directly from the artisans. With many of them we design new products which combine local natural material, traditional techniques and skills with our knowledge and experience. Our aim is to help local manufacturers to keep traditional handicraft alive whilst at the same time developing them further and partially reinventing them. Plus: to support them through a sustained and stable income.

Check Artisans for an insight into our current partners or Our Impact to learn more about our concept and our way of working.



FOLKDAYS was founded in 2013 by Lisa Jaspers, previously a development aid consultant. Inspired by her travels which had led her to some of the world's most interesting and remote places, and her passion about strong contemporary design, FOLKDAYS is founded on the claim to reinvent the idea of sustainable fashion and design: likewise timeless, fair-trade and with a strong design, the products are made to last.

Today Lisa manages her business with the help of a team of eight. Together they are continuously working on the execution of the idea as well pushing the brand forward.


Photo 1: FOLKDAYS Store in Berlin, captured by Zoe Spawton
Photo 2: Lisa Jaspers, captured by Joanna Catherine Schröder