Sidai Desings and the associated NGO Sidai Maasai Women Organization was founded in 2011 by Eszter Rabin and Rebecca Olicia Moore in Arusha, Tanzania. What started as a little workshop with 5 artisans, grew into an internationally operating community: Today, Sidai Designs works with over 120 Maasai Women, who carefully craft beadwork jewellery for fair and sustainable wages.

The handmade glass bead jewellery of Sidai Designs is deeply rooted in the traditional Maasai bead embroidery techniques, whereas its visual design is always inspired by contemporary aesthetics. Every step, from conception and design to the finished, high-quality piece of jewellery, is done with special attention to detail.

With their work, Sidai Designs aims to connect modern designs with traditional glass bead work to enable access to international markets while preserving the original handicraft techniques. Sidai Designs is a long-term partner of FOLKDAYS and you can find a selection of colourful glass bead earrings and necklaces in our ship. Further, in 2019 Sidai Designs already brought the Fruit Jewellery Collection by FOLKDAYS and This is Jane Wayne to life as part of the "Inspired by" collab series. Three years later, another collaborative project follows with the Floral Jewellery Collection in collaboration with SABINNA, for which the artisans have once again created small works of art.

 Photos by Ute Klein

As of July 2022.