Asha Handicrafts Association is an Indian fair trade organisation. Founded in 1975, its mission is to preserve, protect and promote India's diverse handicraft techniques. To achieve this, the organisation has defined three pillars on which its strategy is based and which according to Asha Handicrafts forms the foundation of all their activities: trade, train and transform. One of the main activities is the marketing of its partners' products on the international market, for which the organisation has built up a network of fair trade importers around the world.

Working with around 800 artisans throughout India, the products are wide ranging – from categories such as jewellery, textiles and ceramics to toys and even office supplies. As the organisation points out, all products are made from natural, locally available Indian materials such as wood, clay and textiles, and reflect the authentic style, design and colours of India's rich heritage. The products available in our shop are made by the following artisan partners: jewellery by Dwarka Jewel and Purament International, marble products by Handicraft House and home textiles by Bunder Kalamkari House and Rangpur Crafts.

Asha (/åshā/: hope, prospect, expectation) Handicrafts is a member of the Fair Trade Forum – India (FTF-I) as well as a "Guaranteed Member" of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). It aligns its work with the 10 principles of Fair Trade. These include, among other principles, ensuring good working conditions, a commitment to transparency, fair trading practices, fair payment, freedom of association, non-discrimination and gender equity, as well as respect for the environment. Further information here. As a social enterprise, all Asha Handicrafts' surpluses are ploughed back into the social welfare of the artisans and their families.

Available at FOLKDAYS: products by Bunder Kalamkari House, Dwarka Jewel, Handicraft House, Purament International und Rangpur Crafts.

Header image & image 02: Bunder Kalamkari House

Image 03: Dwarka Jewel

As of November 2021.