Sang Arun is a ceramics workshop in the city of Lampang in the north of Thailand, which mainly produces tableware and decorative objects. The region has long been famous far beyond the country's borders for its high-quality kaolin clay and the ceramic products made from it.

In Sang Arun's main production building, the ceramic products are made from pure kaolin clay. The clay is mixed with water and poured into plaster molds. After drying, the molds are fired in a kiln so that they are later microwave and dishwasher safe. The products are then painted by hand and fired again. The result: high-quality ceramics that combine beautiful design with a high standard of quality.

The socially committed company was founded in 1976 to prevent migration from the land by offering permanent employment contracts and secure jobs locally. Thus, the now more than 150 employees of Sang Arun - besides family members mainly women - come from the areas around Lampang.