Sasha Association for Craft Producers (SACP) is a Kolkata-based not-for-profit craft development & marketing organisation for crafts people and producers from all over India. The organisation is part of the decentralized network of the same name. Since its founding in 1978 SACP has made it its mission to strengthen and support Indian handicrafts. By doing so, Sasha aims to expand the market opportunities for artisans while also extending the reach of fair trade in India's growing domestic market.

Sasha is particularly involved in the areas of hand-loom, textiles and handicrafts in India – the expertise of the associated organisations covers the entire supply chain. The wide range of activities is targeted at market access, design and technical support, social and economic empowerment, among other things. As the SACP focuses on marketing topics, the team advises partner producers on issues such as product development. Together they transfer market trends into designs that are suitable for both international and high-end domestic markets.

At present, Sasha is working with 5,000 artisans, over 100 craft businesses and 16 craft lines throughout the country. By bringing together artisans from different sectors, the product lines cover a wide range of craft processes. These include handmade apparel and home textiles (such as the beautiful carpets with geometric patterns that we co-created with the Sasha artisans) as well as metal crafts, jewellery, pottery, decorative hangings, natural herbal body care and organic food products. Behind every product is a commitment to build a thriving artisan community with healthy working conditions, fair play and shared concern for the environment.

Sasha is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).