Yadawee means "handmade", which also characterises the high-quality products of the Egyptian artisans distributed by the organisation of the same name.

Since the organisation has been founded in 2003, Yadawee aims to promote and preserve traditional craftsmanship while keeping the quality in focus: They offer workshops on a regular basis to train the artisans on topics such as design, price calculations or quality control. The quality of the products is not the only thing that is central to Yadawee, it is also the aspect of environmental protection. They implement as much recycled and natural materials as possible in their production processes.

Yadawee ensures fair prices for the craft products and good working conditions. Moreover, they actively promote gender equality and the support of women.

Khaled Ahmed and his son Ahmed Khaled are two of the artisans who cooperate with the fair trade organisation. The traditional glass artisans produce mouth blown drinking glasses, vases, bowls and other products. They use recycled glass, which gets melted divided by colour. Using a traditional blowpipe and different other tools, they create our colourful glass products by hand.