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    Perú & Costa Rica

    We are Carao, a jewelry design studio in Perú and Costa Rica. Our jewelry is made by expert silversmiths, artisans who live and breathe tradition. By working alongside them, we aim to create positive change in their lives and better their communities. We are passionate about making our craft with love, rescuing our culture, and supporting local talent. Our collections revolve around minimalism and modern simplicity. Clean, geometric shapes create delicate and timeless pieces; which are designed to merge with their wearer's essence and evolve alongside it. 

    The Start

    We founded our studio in 2014 with the objective of rescuing our cultural legacy, heritage practices, and providing steady, well-paid jobs to the artisans who have kept our traditions alive.



    We are pioneers of Ethical Fast Fashion, connecting artisan talent from our developing nation with the international fashion market and its consumers. We work with our partners daily to improve good practices, steadily increase their incomes, and to help them build stable businesses.


    We believe that businesses can employ sustainable practices, locally sourced and repurposed materials are used by our artisans whenever possible.



    We design our pieces by following the principles of quality and elegance. We draw inspiration from our culture and surroundings to create timeless jewelry for the modern woman.