FOLKDAYS x SABINNA Floral Jewellery Collection

Discover our brand new collaboration: Together with ethical brand SABINNA, we have created a 10-piece glass bead jewellery collection inspired by SABINNA's signature floral print. All pieces are handmade by our long-time partner Sidai Designs in Tanzania and as such, are one-of-a-kind.


Reflecting on the design inspiration, SABINNA founder Sabinna Rachimova says: "SABINNA's aesthetic is inspired by my grandmother and my multicultural background. Born in Central Asia, I moved a lot with my family as a child and lived in many different countries. Handicrafts and creative work, which my grandmother taught me, were often the only constant in my life and what gave me a sense of home. When I started SABINNA, I wanted to capture those memories in prints, silhouettes and designs. Our signature SABINNA prints include abstract floral patterns. Floral patterns are often labelled as boring - but I wanted to give it a twist and show that they can be very inspiring. For the collaborative collection with FOLKDAYS, we took a selection of our signature prints and combined them with the FOLKDAYS aesthetic. The result was a collection of earrings designed to evoke knotted Central Asian rugs, a warm spring day in the hometown and a contrasting childhood. And of course everything had to be produced in a responsible and ethical way."


This collection is the special result of an international co-creation process between FOLKDAYS in Germany, SABINNA in the UK/Austria and Sidai Designs in Tanzania. In 2019, Sidai Designs already realised the Fruit Jewellery Collection by FOLKDAYS and This is Jane Wayne as part of the collab series 'Inspired by'. Three years later, another collaborative project follows with this Floral Jewellery Collection, for which the artisans have once again produced small pieces of art. Especially in these difficult times, even for small businesses, it gives us hope to see what comes out when we join forces, combine our expertise and give free rein to creativity. We hope that the joy that has gone into the collection can be felt in every earring!