Introducing: FOLKDAYS x Wildling

FOLKDAYS and Wildling Shoes have teamed up to deepen their close bond of many years with a three-part collection. Featuring a belt, bag and summer shoe design, the collection is made from the same handmade cotton fabric in summery, fresh yellow and white - and is sure to inspire anticipation of the warmer days ahead. Whether worn solo or styled as a complete look, the unique woven pattern and warm tones make each of the three FOLKDAYS x Wildling pieces a very special eye-catcher.


FOLKDAYS and the sustainable minimal shoe company Wildling Shoes have long shared a commitment to a different, and fairer fashion industry. Following the credo "Made from tradition, dedication & cotton. 100% Craftswomanship", the collection was made from organic Kyrgyz cotton by a women producer group collaborating with Nomad Store in Kyrgyzstan. Using the ikat technique, the products were made by the artisans in two phases: In an elaborate process, the cotton threads are first spun and then naturally dyed with turmeric. In the second phase, the yarns are then woven by hand. The result is a beautifully textured, vibrant surface made from this individual yarn in sunshine yellow and white, whose imperfect-perfect look tells of the manual production method. 


The Ay Bag and the Gul Belt are now available online and in our Berlin Store.