Starting a Revolution

Lisa Jaspers, founder of FOLKDAYS, wrote this book with her friend Naomi Ryland. "Starting a Revolution – What we can learn from female entrepreneurs" is a business book for revolutionaries. It turns conventional business wisdom on its head and presents you with some radical alternatives.

Since founding their companies, Lisa and Naomi have been on the lookout for meaningful business advice. Advice that helps to build great companies but that also reflects the challenges of our times: climate change, deeply divided societies, growing inequality, and a disillusioned and burnt-out workforce. Hardly any of the advice they heard from the startup world, and read in business books, seemed up to the challenge. Most business advice is built on the paradigms of "growth at all costs", competition and pressure. It felt outdated. So they went on the lookout for new ideas and new role models, choosing to focus on a group of people who have been previously underrepresented in business (literature): women.  

Over the last year, Lisa and Naomi have interviewed some of the most progressive female founders in the world. What they learned has radically changed how they run their own businesses, and now they want to share this vision of the future with you. Covering topics such as organisational development, leadership, recruitment, personal development, team building, innovation and fundraising, this is a hands-on business book for everybody who wants to rethink the world of work.