FOLKDAYS & Friends Pop-up Shops

In addition to our store in Berlin-Kreuzberg, we launched our FOLKDAYS & Friends Pop-up Shop series a few years ago, with which we are traveling to different changing cities every year and join forces with like-minded, mostly small brands in order to present a carefully selected selection of sustainable products from different segments. Together we not only develop a strong voice, but also want to make it easier for you – our customers – to access young, sustainable companies and their products.

Over the years, our temporary FOLKDAYS & Friends Pop-up Shops have grown into a much-loved tradition.

Here and on social media (make sure to follow @folkdaysberlin on Instagram) we will keep you posted on upcoming editions of our FOLKDAYS & Friends Pop-up Shop.

Some impressions of our 2019 FOLKDAYS & Friends Christmas Pop-up Shops in Berlin and Vienna as well our first FOLKDAYS & Friends @ BALDON Temporary Concept Store:


FOLKDAYS & Friends @ BALDON Temporary Concept Store, photographer: Victoria Kaempfe

FOLKDAYS & Friends Pop-up Shop, Vienna