Waiting List Concept


We believe in a mindful and conscious approach to fashion & design, therefore combining sustainability with elevated style. Since its inception, FOLKDAYS has been built around the concepts of fair production from natural, high-quality sources and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. Therefore, we collaborate with artisans and small workshops who have preserved and passed down their traditions as well as unique production techniques from generation to generation. Rather than following short-term trends, the fair fashion, jewellery, accessories, and interior products stand for longevity – a far cry from fast consumption.   

All products are made by the artisans and small workshops we work with. We usually have only limited quantities in stock. Should a piece be sold out, there is now a waiting list and the associated pre-order system. This gives you the chance to get your favourite product directly with the next reorder. All you have to do is sign up for the waiting list. You will then be notified as soon as we are planning a re-order, and get the chance to be the first pre-order your piece with a story. 

The pre-order initiative is a system that involves you, our customers and community, even more. And: We believe this to be an important step towards consequent sustainability. Why?


1. It helps us to estimate the demand for a product before the production starts, so that we can adjust the quantity. Thereby, your mindful decision to pre-order a product allows us to control and prohibit overproduction.

2. Moreover, the pre-order initiative is also our answer to a recurring problem that most small labels face, but rarely talk about. Fair collaboration with the artisans we work with implies that we pay a major part of the production costs up front when we order the products, as this allows the artisans to buy the materials needed for the production. The remainder is paid by us as soon as the products are shipped. This means we often pay weeks or months in advance, which is a huge contrast to how other (bigger) fashion companies work since they often only pay after the arrival of their products. In our case, we carry most of the financial responsibility, which is necessary for fair and sustainable collaboration with our artisans. Because of this, we are continuously pushing our financial boundaries and are under constant pressure, which also greatly hinders our ability to try new things or develop further. We believe that this can be changed and, in fact, needs to be changed in order to create sustainable company structures. But it only works hand in hand with you. Let’s change the system! 



    How does the waiting list work?

    – As soon as a product is sold out, we activate the waiting list. 

    – If you are interested in a product, but missed it, you can add yourself to the waiting list. You will be the first to be informed when we plan a re-order, and get the chance to pre-order your handmade piece with a story. 

    – The product is available for pre-order for 1 week.

    – The pre-order closes after 1 week and the order will be transferred to the specific artisan, who will then start to create your product. 

    – You will receive your order within the delivery time indicated on the respective product page. Delivery time may differ according to the complexity of the product which is why it is listed separately for each pre-order product.

    Our return policies for pre-order products can be found here.



    Advantages of pre-order

    Pre-Order is an amazing sustainable concept not just for you but also for the planet. It gives you an immense power in implementing sustainability in a real and conscientious way. Not only by changing your consumer behaviour, but also by supporting (design) brands to establish healthy business models. Moreover, your conscious, sustainable decisions have a positive impact on the environment, as well as on the longevity and survival of small businesses. By knowing the demand for a product before the production starts, we can adjust the quantity and avoid overproduction, thus reducing waste. 

    Every piece is unique. Our hope is that this gives rise to greater anticipation and lasting appreciation for your new item. We hope that you’ll love your product even more, knowing that it has been made just for you.